Season Passes for the 2022/23 season are on-sale now.  

Plus, 2022/23 most Season Pass holders receive 2 free tickets to Spirit Mountain and 2 free tickets to Powder Ridge!*  


(Price does not include sales tax)
Regular (13+)$459
Child (6-12)  $349
Under 5$20
6th Grade***$129
Night Pass $169
****Family Plan is limited to one household, including children under 18, living at home
2nd Member $863
3rd Member $1,082
4th Member $1222
Each Additional Member $70


Valid for 3 visits during the season. (Price does not include sales tax)
Regular (13+)$125
Child (6-12)$95

*Available to currently enrolled, full-time college students who have graduated high school. Minimum of 12 credits for undergrad studies or 6 credits for grad school. Proof of enrollment required.

**Valid Monday-Friday only.

***Children are only allowed one 6th Grade Pass during their lifetime. 

***** Spirit Mountain offer does not apply to 5 and Under, Night Passes, X3 Cards, 4th Grade Passes or Industry Passes.



The X3 Card gives you one all-day lift ticket per day, on any 3 days of the season. Come when you like, any day you like at a 30% savings off regular priced tickets. The X3 Card comes on a plastic card with your picture. To redeem, you'll just come to the ticket window to get your ticket.  


The X3 Card is good for one ticket per day on 3 separate days. It is meant for a single user and cannot be transferred between guests. All tickets must be used in the 2022/23 season. Tickets do not transfer to future seasons.

Pass Holder Perks

See the additional value you'll receive as a Wild Mountain pass holder here.

Season Pass Insurance

Consider purchasing Season Pass Insurance in case unforseen things impeded your season.

4th Grade Passport

The Minnesota Ski Areas 4th Grade Passport Program will begin registration in the fall of 2022.


Pass Holder Login

Pass holders can login to their account, assign waivers and upload photos.

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