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  • What happens when it rains?

    Wet is wet! The water slides are heated and most people do not even notice the rain. The lazy river and Wild Adventure Island are not heated.  Only during lightning storms are the slides evacuated and then only briefly.

    During rain, our dry rides are paused if the attractions become too slippery to operate safely.

  • Park Closure Policy

    Park Closure Policy

    Wild Mountain’s goal is to keep all activities open, however, certain weather will require that we cease operations.

    When it rains, our dry rides are paused if the attractions become too slippery to operate safely.  Normal operations will resume once management determines it is safe to do so.  If no lightning is detected, the waterpark will remain open. 

    Wild Mountain will close all operations if the following occurs:

    • Lightning is detected within a 10-mile radius. In the event of a lightning strike, all rides will shut down until 30 minutes after the last strike within the zone. This is a running clock that is restarted each time an additional lightning strike occurs.  Guests may shelter in the main chalet or in their vehicles.
    • There is a tornado warning.
    • There is a heavy downpour that affects visibility in the waterpark.
    • Wild Mountain reserves the right to close for the remainder of the business day if weather delays occur after 3pm or due to low attendance.


    Refund Policy:

    Wild Mountain does not offer cash refunds for weather related closures.  If we are forced to remain closed for more than 90 minutes, we will offer guests a rain check to return another day under the following circumstances:

    • Guests that entered the park less than 2 hours before activities were closed will be given a pass to return on another day. Eligible guests must be present at time of closure to receive their pass.
    • Guests that arrived at Wild Mountain more than 2 hours before closure of activities will not be eligible for a rain check.
    • Wild Mountain will allow guests to transfer unfulfilled tickets to another day if inclement weather is forecasted on the original date.
  • Do you have any "family" rates?

    No. All of our rates are priced individually, but if you have a group of 20 or more you will qualify for a special discount with advanced reservations.

  • Can I bring a picnic lunch or my own grill?

    Absolutely. You are welcome to bring your own picnic lunch and BBQ grills. Please, NO glass bottles and no outside alcohol. We also have the Snack Shack if you would like to grab a bite to eat here. 

  • Do I Need A Wristband To Watch Others Do The Activities?

    Wristbands are required for participation in any ride/activity and for entrance to the Lazy River area. Non-participants may observe family and friends from the grassy spectator areas, the Lazy River Bridge and from the Water Slide Observation Deck only. Height restrictions and/or adult accompaniment may apply for certain activities.

  • Are there lifeguards on duty?

    Because we are not classified as a pool we are not required to have lifeguards.  We do have attendants that monitor the safety of our guests.

  • Are the water rides heated?

    The water slides are heated, but the lazy river and Wild Adventure Island are unheated.

  • Are there lockers available?

    Yes. We have lockers available ($5 for small or $7 for large). We also have free cubbies available. 

  • What can I NOT wear on the waterslides?

    At Wild Mountain, we do not allow cut-off jeans or any clothing with rivets, zippers, snaps or metal, because they will scratch the slides, and cause possible injury to yourself and/or others. If you wear glasses we recommend that you remove them, or have a strap securing them on when riding the waterslides. We also ask that you please take off any jewelry and other loose items. Please keep in mind that if any of your jewelry falls off it is likely gone for good.

    Shoes, shirt, and shorts or pants are required for the dry rides.

  • What age do children have to be to drive the Go-Karts or Alpine Slides?

    We do not have an age requirement but a height requirement. Anyone over 54" may drive the Go-Karts or Alpine Slides by themselves. No two guests over 54" may ride together. Children 36"-54" with a valid ticket may ride the Go-Karts or Alpine Slide with a paid adult.  

  • If I bring a group of 20 or more, will I get the group rates?

    Yes, if you make reservations at least 72-hours in advance. For more information please visit our group rates page.

  • Can I purchase my tickets in-person?

    We encourage all guests to purchase their tickets online before arrival.  Sellouts do occur and this will ensure you have a spot reserved for the day.  But, tickets will be sold at the window if availability exists.

  • Can I bring my dog to Wild Mountain?

    Pets are only allowed in the parking lot area. We do have a tree line along the east edge of our parking lot to walk your pet. All dogs must be on a leash.

  • Are there things to do for all ages?

    Yes! Wild Adventure Island is fun for all ages--even the littlest tykes. Plus most ages enjoy the waterslides, Alpine Slides and Go-Karts. Unlimited water pass required for all guest to enter Wild Adventure Island and the Lazy River Area.

  • Will Wild Mountain provide bus service to the Scenic Boat Tours or the Canoe Rental?
    No, you must provide your own transportation.

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